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Circle of Stones

Wire-Wrap Jewelry

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We select unusual, affordable natural stones from around the world for our jewelry. All jewelry is wrapped in sterling silver or gold-filled wire.

Siberian Nephrite Jade
Siberian nephrite jade

Each stone is individually selected.

Owyhee sunset jasper

Here are some examples of our wire wrapping style. You can see that we use a wide variety of stones, each unique, each individually selected for quality.

Arizona malachite

sugilite in sterling

We can only display a small portion of our inventory here. Please contact us if you would like more information about the jewelry we have available.

Morrisonite jasper

The stones I have vary. I generally have a wide variety of agates and jaspers, fossils including coral and dinosaur bone, boulder opals, copper-bearing minerals including the beautiful chrysacolla-cuprite mixes available now, Russian minerals including charoite and seraphinite, and many many more. I am particularly partial to the agates and jaspers of southeastern Oregon.

amazonite in sterling

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